Edutainment AR Research Prototype
Processing, 2 x RGB IR Camera, Pepper’s ghost display, 2 x LED Screen
2014 | South Korea

AR Storybook R&D is a holographic image projection device to show a fairytale performance with animation images. This is a very early AR research made with pepper’s ghost display before AR technology is introduced with cutting edge mobile devices.

The story of Alice in the Wonderland was applied as a sample to the device, and users controlled the story flow with their finger gestures. In this project, for spacious visual effect, tangible objects were fixed on stage and characters of the story appeared as augmented image on half mirror. Two LED display panels showed background image of the stage.


Kiosk hardware design & producing
3D spatial interface design (user controls story of the content)

Prototyping using iPad

Interactive theatre spectatorship device (for one individual user)
Linking virtual to real world (handling characters in screen by hand motion gesture)
Finger shape capture – motion tracking – 2 RGB IR cameras
Screen & Half mirror – vertical moving & tilting
Pop up screen – 2 stages folding
Lighting setting for AR visibility