I am a New York based creative coder and interactive engineer developing real-time visual systems and effects for immersive media and mixed reality environments.

Visualize × Integrate

I build high-performance and complex media systems with real-time and generative computer graphics for brands and architecture.

Working as a creative coder in AV&C, I’m continuously learning how to combine artistic creativity with strong programming skills and applying them into seamless techno-spatial experiences.

Clients: Adidas, Gensler, Conduent, Dimensional, ESI Design and more  


New AR/VR Interaction

My passion is designing new ways of interpersonal connectivity by creating multisensory and interactive experiences using emerging technologies, and it has been shown as a variety of digital installations and performances for 7 years.

And now, I believe AR/VR has a great power to bridge between the physical and digital world and bring more creative communications into our daily life. Like my grad thesis Let Me Give Light, I seek to explore how different technologies might be combined or enhanced to offer novel interactive storytelling.

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