Data-driven, large-scale storytelling project
openFrameworks, Node.js, WebSocket, Shader
2017 Fall | NYU ITP

Feel.live is a data-driven, large-scale storytelling project depicting how everything is interconnected.

This piece connects the audience's feelings with the social media data that drives our larger world. Audiences can participate via their mobile devices and choose feelings to begin the experience. It is built with openFrameworks for the big screen and Node.js for the real-time communication via mobile.


Developed openFrameworks based front-end media system
Developed real-time visual effects such as particle system and ripple using Shader
Designed interaction and storytelling

Big Screen Show, IAC

Firstly, we created the piece for the Big screens show at IAC in New York. As a 5 minute performance at the media wall of IAC building which is 120 feet (37 m) wide and 11 feet (3.4 m) high, about 200 audiences experienced and participated in it.

ITP Winter Show, NYU

Secondly, we transformed the same project as a permanent installation version, visualizing audience’s feeling during the day in accumulative way.

Once user decide up to three emotions of the day, each input is transformed to particle object in openFrameworks. Next, the mobile screen suggests emotional keywords based on the a theory and also provides some of real-time Tweets based on same keywords.