Interactive DMX Lighting & Pre-visualization Tool

2023-2024 | AV&C

The Link at Pointe Orlando, is a transformative 100-foot passageway designed to enhance connectivity and visual allure.

For designing and implementing a set of rules that automate lighting behavior, I developed Unreal Engine based 3D DMX lighting visualization system as well as “Bounce”, a generative visual form using TouchDesigner.

Created in collaboration with Colin Hoy, Bartosz Seifert and Joe Diebes.

Tools Used

Unreal Engine 4.26
Cinema 4D
OWL Live Streaming Toolkit


I developed a 3D Previsualization system to confirm visual effects with clients using location-detection sensor systems and audio-responsive DMX lighting. By directly importing DMX lighting patches and addresses from the installed setup at the actual venue, we mapped physical and digital space seamlessly.

Leveraging the powerful performance of the Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner’s generative visual creation, I rapidly prototyped various visual concepts for clients.

Additionally, I and my team achieved 100% realism by sending real-time location data from the Machine Vision System used in the actual space to virtual characters within Unreal Engine, demonstrating how sound and lighting dynamically change as people walk through the space.

Realistic Rendering / Optimization
Used UE5’s lumen lighting and precisely designed lighting and material setting in order to satisfy both quality and performance.
Modular Lighting Fixture Blueprint Created parent and child lighting fixtures to run various types of pixelated lighting module. Everything can be easily tweaked via Manager BP.

DMX Light Fixture & Patch Generator

I developed a tool that automatically creates hundreds of lighting fixture patches in the DMX Library and assigns different addresses and universes as specified in the DataTable. Additionally, the tool creates and places DMX Lighting Fixture BP Actors in the Outliner, assigning each fixture's name, transform, and fixture patch in the DMX Component.

This significantly accelerated the entire 3D model and lighting import iteration process, allowing my team to focus on creating more visual prototypes for the client within a limited time period.