Real-time Digital Twin Visualization 
Unreal Engine, Blueprint, nDisplay

Jun 2022 | AV&C

Explore National Landing, a project poised to be one of the most innovative digital districts in the world! This 21st century 4 square mile urban neighborhood in the Capital region of D.C. is being developed by JBG Smith and includes more than 6.3 million square feet of existing office space, 2,856 residential units, and 7.2 million square feet of additional development opportunities. It will also be home to Amazon’s new HQ2 “Helix” headquarters and Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus.
For its sales center, I engineered 1 x 8K and 3 x 4K interactive screen system which visualizes city scale 3D Model and 2D assets.

Developed Systems

Unreal Engine Programming
Orbit & Focus Camera System
nDisplay Synchronization (3 Nodes)
RTSP Video Streamer
Dynamic Media Player
Custom Blueprint for Multi-screen Configuration
Automation on Asset Import, Sub-level Management, Customized Build Actions

Simply Fly, Orbit, and Highlight Everywhere.

With POI camera system, users can easily setup and fly between any location of the digital twin with beautiful motion by simply moving the camera and generating POIs(point of interests). With dynamic lookat, the camera smoothly transition from fixed points to the orbit points and then move to the destination highlight POI and autmatically do the orbit around it until it gets to the orbit point. The camera then elevates down to the fixed position if the POI has.

Fully Integrated Digital Twin on 8K Curved Screen.

Using nDisplay and Genlock + Framelock, I successfully synced three nodes of the huge Unreal digital twin project with more than 25,000 actors on the 8,320 x 2520 LED display. The single UE package was installed on each machine using AV&C’s deployment tool and each had its own nDisplay config. Each cluster can also display the cropped images and videos so the users can easily show both full-sized immersive 3D and 2D real time contents.


Unlimited Media Playback over Digital Twin

Using Rama’s Victory plugin and DBVlc, I was able to develop a custom media player that can dynamically play any video, image and RTSP Cam feed without storing as textures during the real-time 3D experience, so that the clients can easily switch the mode between the 3D flying mode and the media presentation, by uploading and playing unlimited number of media without delay which are automatically synced to the server and dynamically loaded into Unreal Package. It has A/B deck so smoothly crossfades between media.